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Company Inclusion Day

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Employees sitting together in meeting room for the annual inclusion day

Company Inclusion Day

On Friday 5th January, CR Civil Engineering held it’s annual Company Inclusion Day at various regional venues as per our office locations. This was an initiative to reduce travelling in personal time, lodge and fuel costs along with reducing impacts on the environment. The day consisted of various topics being communicated to our employees, including but not limited to:

  • Business Update and Forecast
  • Safety Stand Down
  • Site Operations and Responsibilities
  • HR & Wellbeing
  • People Plant Interface
  • Safety Statistics and Incident Awareness

The day provided time and space for our employees to focus on safety awareness, team building skills, sharing best practices, and engaging in open dialogue; with the aim of leaving the day with a firm understanding of their importance in contributing to the continued success of our business. We’d also like to thank our presenters for their hard work and commitment in preparing and delivering their presentations.