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The CR Civils 5B Project

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The CR Civils 5B Project


For 24 hours, on the 16th May 2024, four employees from CR Civils will participate in a homelessness experience on the streets of Birmingham. The team will consist of Steffan Thomas, Mathew Jones, Matt Dillon and Sion Davies.

The main objective of the project is to gain further understanding of how CR Civils can support social impact around homelessness and understand how as a business we can advise and support those in need of support. We will work with our referral partners who offer opportunities in free training, shelter housing accommodation, which in return can lead to job opportunities, work experience or site visits.

The team will be visiting and feeding homeless people in shelters and on the streets and facing the sleeping rough challenge. We also hope to donate clothes and food along our 24-hour journey, with a target of £5,000 to raise to help support the focused charities:

Why Birmingham?

Birmingham suffers from high levels of deprivation and poverty.

43% of the population living in Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs) are the 10% most deprived in England, and 51% of children (under 16s) are living in the 10% most deprived areas.

The rank average measure highlights Birmingham is ranked the 7th most deprived local authority in England.

What we are doing now?

We are currently carrying out work in and around Birmingham, on some major schemes, and giving something back to Birmingham communities is at the heart of our commitments.

The schemes below are associated with CR Civils social value commitments on behalf of our clients:

  1. M6 Junction 5-8 DHS
  2. M42 Junction 4-5 Concrete Barrier
  3. M5 Junction 8 Carriageway Repair Scheme

You can sponsor the team via this link – GoFundMe