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January 22

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January 22

Butchers Arms FC – Gambia

CR Civil Engineering want to say a huge thanks to Darren & Biran for organising the donation. Darren & Biran both work for the main sponsor of the Butchers Arms Football Club, CR Civil Engineering Ltd and they came up with the idea to send last seasons home kit to a football charity in Gambia.

The kits went to a football academy in a village called Jabang, this academy is managed by Ismaila and the head Coach, Sulayman . This is an academy for both boys and girls. Both Ismaila and Sulayman were very glad and appreciative to receive these kits and promise to put them into great use. 


School Presentation

Two of our Apprentices, Jessica and Kai, recently developed a presentation together and have been visiting local schools to discuss and promote both apprenticeships and the construction industry.

Please click on the link to read a press release from a local Loughborough school, De Lisle College:



Eden Camp Museum

The Eden Camp Museum is a large Second World War-related museum in North Yorkshire. In recent months, the Eden Camp Museum erected a new events and exhibition building which has been a massive construction project. Our team at CR Civil Engineering kindly offered to use our road sweeper to clear up some of the construction mess.
During the Christmas break, the museum allowed our plant to be kept securely on their site. Not transporting the plant back to the depot saved on fuel, labour, and most importantly, the environment. While on site, our team had noticed an area in the museum’s new building that required tarmac surfacing and offered to perform the work in substitute of the parking charge. Malcolm Owen was happy to organise and assist the work.


The Lighthouse Charity