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June 20

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June 20

During lockdown, the coronavirus pandemic hit the Thornberry Equine Sanctuary hard, like all other charities. We decided to offer our services free of charge to help after they endured flooding and unstable grounds at the Sanctuary.

The track that leads to the Thornberry Equine Sanctuaries extended fields needed repairing, along with the field access point, which had become prone to flooding and dangerous for both horses and staff.

Day 1 at the sanctuary involved repairing the area that flooded and was full of divots, making it dangerous for the horses to cross. This was followed by getting the ground ready for a new gully and drainage to be installed on day 2. Operatives then covered the new drainage and a short fence was installed in order to stop the horses from entering where the drainage exits. A gang of 11 operatives then arrived on site to begin re-constructing the track and the entrance to the field. The Maintenance team who completed the first stage of the works, and the Civils team who completed the second phase, were provided with fish & chips and freshly baked cakes all supplied by the Sanctuary trustees!

A representative from the Sanctuary said:

“In a time when there is a lot of hardship, and the unknown of what will happen, it fills us, as a charity, with hope to be able to share with all our supporters the amazing company that is CR Civil Engineering. We can truly see that this is a company that cares about the community. This ethos also comes across from the workers, every one of them polite, hardworking, caring and organised. This was not just a job, they all cared about the work the Sanctuary did and they were interested in knowing about the horses.”