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September 22

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September 22

Lincolnshire Construction Ambassador Show

From the 27th to the 29th of September, our team attended the Lincolnshire Construction Ambassadors show at Lincoln Showground. This was a really big event for all schools in the Lincolnshire area; with over 600 pupils attending the event per day. All of the pupils had an opportunity to get a taste of what the working world has to offer, and more importantly, increase their awareness of the construction industry as a potential career path. Our CR Civil Engineering stand was geared up to do practical cable avoidance and Face Fit Testing. Darren, our Training Assessor, had groups of 15 pupils a time with a fifty-minute slot to complete a presentation before the pupils had a go at trying to locate cables around the showground. It was a great day for all involved, and we hope the event sparked an interest among the children in the construction industry and also provided them with knowledge about how our industry affects their daily lives.

Darren Richardson, our Training Assessor, added:

“This event was very rewarding and enjoyable. Three of our slots included pupils with special needs – varying from behavioural to physical – and the gratitude received was so humbling, it made the event for me. I never thought I would get so much satisfaction from one young man’s comment.”